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Monitoring and Usage Requirements for Equipment Funded by the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan

Help for meeting the terms of your grant from TERP.

One condition of receiving a TERP grant is a commitment to operate the grant-funded equipment a certain amount, in pre-defined areas of Texas. You are required to monitor and report this usage to the TCEQ every six months. Usage reports are due in January and July of each year for the contracted life of your project.

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Consequences of failure to report usage

Failure to maintain these records and report your usage may result in you having to return grant funds to TCEQ.

See the information below on maintaining accurate usage records.

I've been reimbursed for my TERP-funded equipment, what now?

Once you have received the grant-funded equipment, you are required to properly dispose of the equipment being replaced.  Once disposition has been verified by TCEQ staff, you are required to maintain and report accurate usage records of the grant funded equipment.  The date the disposition is finalized will be the activity start date.

Maintaining accurate usage records

You are obligated to maintain and report accurate usage records of the grant funded equipment upon completion of disposition. Once the TERP program has verified the disposition of all equipment associated with the TERP grant, you will receive notification of completed disposition. This notification will include the start date of each activity. Contracts with multiple activities may have different start dates, so it is important to be aware of what those are. Usage records should note the miles or hours operated inside and outside the areas designated in your contract. These records should be kept daily, weekly, or monthly, as appropriate.


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Reporting Usage

You are responsible for reporting on the usage of the TERP grant-funded equipment and vehicles twice per year for the duration of your contractual obligation. The TCEQ will send you a partially completed reporting form in June and December, with the basic information about each piece of equipment. Report the usage that occurred during the reporting period only. Do not include usage prior to the start date shown on the Usage Report Form.

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