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SEP Forms

Application forms, extension requests, and other related information for SEPs

Respondent Forms for Download

  • Pre-Approved Application—PDF | Word
  • Custom Application—PDF | Word
  • Compliance Application—PDF | Word

Third-Party Forms for Download

  • Third-Party Application—PDF | Word

Quarterly Report Forms

Please contact SEP program at sepreports@tceq.texas.gov or call 512/239-2223 to request Quarterly Report form.

Reporting Schedule for Third-Party Administrators:

Q1 (January thru March) due May 15

Q2 (April thru June) due August 15

Q3 (July thru September) due November 15

Q4 (October thru December) due February 15 of the following year

Quarterly Report Instructions

  • Instructions for entering data on the Quarterly Report form— PDF

Extension Request Forms

  • Respondent request an Extension of Time to Complete a SEP or SEP Report—PDF | Word
  • Third Party Administrator request an Extension of Time to Submit a SEP or SEP Report—PDF | Word

Disposition Information for Vehicle Replacement

  • Disposition Pointers—PDF
  • Disposition Form—PDF


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