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Rogers Delinted Cottonseed - Colorado City

This former cottonseed delinting processing facility in Colorado City, Mitchell County is being addressed under the State Superfund Program.

Site Background

The Rogers Delinted Cottonseed - Colorado City site (the site) consists of 49.1 acres near the intersection of Interstate Highway 20 and State Highway 208 in Colorado City.  From 1965 to 1983, the company used 9.1 acres for receiving, storing, delinting, applying chemicals and shipping of cottonseed.  The remaining 40 acres was used for irrigation of the waste water generated during the operation.  The facility used a wet acid delinting process of concentrated sulfuric acid to dissolve cotton fibers from the seed. Used acid and rinse waters containing the decomposing fibers were discharged to two surface impoundments on the 40 acres.  The pesticides are the chemicals of concern due to their apparent association with the site.  The site is currently in Remedial Investigation phase and the TCEQ is continuing the investigation.

Superfund Actions Taken to Date

  • January 2005, a site perimeter fence was constructed to limit unauthorized access and signs were posted warning of contamination.
  • March 2005, a copy of the hazard ranking system (HRS) documentation record was prepared for the Rogers Delinted Cottonseed - Colorado City site.
  • January 6, 2006, a legal notice Exit TCEQ Site was published in the Texas Register (31 TexReg 195-196) describing the site and proposing the site for listing in the state Superfund registry. TCEQ will propose nonresidential land use criteria for setting cleanup levels. Nonresidential land use would be based on the existing land use of the property as is prescribed in 30 TAC Chapter 350, Texas Risk Reduction Program under §350.53.
    A public meeting will be held on February 9, 2006, at the Colorado City Civic Center.
  • February 9, 2006, a public meeting was held at the Colorado City Civic Center to
    receive community comments on the proposal of the Rogers Delinted Cottonseed - Colorado City site to the Superfund registry and the use of commercial/industrial land specifications for remediation of the site contamination.
  • October 2006, the final version of the field sampling was received for review by TCEQ.
  • December 2006, a work order was issued to conduct a remedial investigation.
  • February 2007, field work got underway for the remedial investigation.
  • February 2013, preparation of a Remedial Investigation Field Sampling Plan underway.

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