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Surface Water Quality Monitoring Sampling Stations

Text files listing water quality sampling stations for each basin in Texas.

Sampling stations are sites where surface water quality data are collected by the TCEQ and its partner agencies (such as the Clean Rivers Program, US Geological Survey, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board, or the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department). The station files provide the location of each sampling station and its identification number.


Choose a basin to download an ASCII text file of the sampling stations in that basin. Once the file is displayed for download, SAVE the file immediately to prevent it from being truncated by Internet Explorer.

For a list of the field definitions, view the data dictionary Adobe Acrobat PDF Document.

  • All stations in Texas
  • 1 Canadian River Basin
  • 2 Red River Basin
  • 3 Sulphur River Basin
  • 4 Cypress River Basin
  • 5 Sabine River Basin
  • 6 Neches River Basin
  • 7 Neches-Trinity Coastal Basin
  • 8 Trinity River Basin
  • 9 Trinity-San Jacinto Coastal Basin
  • 10 San Jacinto River Basin
  • 11 San Jacinto-Brazos Coastal Basin
  • 12 Brazos River Basin
  • 13 Brazos-Colorado Coastal Basin
  • 14 Colorado River Basin
  • 15 Colorado-Lavaca Coastal Basin
  • 16 Lavaca River Basin
  • 17 Lavaca-Guadalupe Coastal Basin
  • 18 Guadalupe River Basin
  • 19 San Antonio River Basin
  • 20 San Antonio-Nueces Coastal Basin
  • 21 Nueces River Basin
  • 22 Nueces-Rio Grande Coastal Basin
  • 23 Rio Grande River Basin
  • 24 Bays and Estuaries
  • 25 Gulf of Mexico

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