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Monitoring Projects of the NPS Program

Nonpoint Source Program projects whose primary tasks include monitoring water quality and/or flow
Title Description
Arroyo Colorado: Improving the McAllen Stormwater Facilities A project to install and monitor improvements at three regional stormwater detention facilities (RSDFs) in the City of McAllen
Carters Creek: Implementing Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) A project to gather additional information about water quality in Carters Creek and its tributaries, and about potential sources of bacteria in the watershed, to help stakeholders target and refine strategies of the Carters Creek Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plan.
Clear Creek Tidal: Implementing TMDLs through Low Impact Development in League City Low Impact Development (LID) features installed in League City to support the TMDL Implementation Plan for Clear Creek Tidal.
Colorado River Below E.V. Spence: Investigating Sources of Chloride and Total Dissolved Solids A project to identify the source of the increasing salt content (chloride and total dissolved solids concentrations), through a field investigation of the Colorado River below E.V. Spence Reservoir.
Continuous Water Quality and Discharge Monitoring at Selected Sites in Texas For this project the U.S. Geological Survey's Texas Water Science Center is conducting continuous water quality monitoring at selected sites on the Rio Grande, the Pecos, and the North Bosque rivers.
Gilleland Creek Stormwater Retrofits A project to demonstrate and monitor a retrofit to a stormwater detention basin in order to improve water quality in Gilleland Creek.
North Bosque: Evaluating Effectiveness of TMDL Implementation A project to conduct routine and storm event monitoring on the North Bosque River and to correlate the results with changes in land management practices.
Texas Stream Team: Volunteers Monitoring Water Quality Texas Stream Team coordinates a network of partner organizations and citizen scientists to increase the public's knowledge of water quality and nonpoint source pollution across the state.
Upper San Antonio River: Incorporating LID Practices at the Mission Drive-In Redevelopment A project to incorporate several low-impact development (LID) features into a multipurpose redevelopment project by the City of San Antonio